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Maken-ki! (マケン姫っ!) is a Japanese manga series by Hiromitsu Takeda (武田弘光, Takeda Hiromitsu). It was published by Fujimi Shobo's magazine Dragon Age Pure, before Monthly Dragon Age after the former ceased publishing. An anime adaptation by AIC aired on AT-X in October 5, 2011; followed by a second season by Xebec which aired on January 16, 2014.


Takeru Ohyama is a regular yet perverted minded youth who enrolled at Tenbi Academy, a private prep high school that converted from all-girls to co-ed. On the first day, he reunites with his childhood friend Haruko Amaya after three years. However, he learns that the school is for students who possess magical and spiritual energies called Elements and who wield crafted weapons known as Makens. The students engage in school-sanctioned combat matches that showcase their powers. While his own ability and Maken is not apparent at first, Takeru soon finds himself surrounded by girls (most who don't like him); Inaho Kushiya, his attractive so-called fiancée, Kodama Himegami, a blonde who wants to kill him. Together, Takeru joins the Security Committee (魔導検警機構 madō kenkei kikō, lit. "anti-evil organization"), also known as Maken-ki, which supports the student council's operations.

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