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Master of Mosquiton (マスターモスキートン, Masutā Mosukīton) is a Japanese manga series written by Hiroshi Negishi and Satoru Akahori and illustrated by Tsutomu Isomata. The manga was later adapted into a 1996 original video animation series based on the first volume, and later into 1997 anime series titled Master of Mosquiton '99 for the remainder of the manga.


In the 1920's, Inaho resurrects a vampire named Mosquiton with her blood who becomes her slave. Now, Inaho is after the O-Part, which will grant her immortality. However, a bunch of supernatural monsters are out to stop them from achieving their goal.

Master Mosquiton 99[]

Present day, Catholic schoolgirl Inaho Hitomibore discovers that a vampire, Mosquiton, is feeding off of her classmates. After Inaho manages to stake him, Mosquiton revives after her blood comes in contact with his remains and becomes her slave and also a history teacher. Together, along with Yuuki and Honou, the unlikely duo have many escapades and adventures. One of Inaho's main goals is to find the mythical O-Part to make some money!

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