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Memories Off (メモリーズオフ, Memoriizu Ofu) is a series of Japanese romance visual novel video games released by KID. Since the first game released in 1999 for PlayStation. Memories Off titles have been released on the PC as well as video and handheld gaming consoles such as the PlayStation 2, Dreamcast, WonderSwan Color, and the PlayStation Portable. Several of the series' games' stories have been adapted into original video animations, novels and manga.


Memories Off[]

Tomoya Mikami's life changed one day when his girlfriend Ayaka was hit by a car and killed on her way to meet Tomoya. He blamed himself for her death and never was the same after the accident. He began acting callously towards Yue and his other friends. Furthermore, every time Tomoya gets involved with a new girl, he sees images of Ayaka in his dreams. He decides he needs to find a way to say goodbye to his lost love once and for all, while dealing with several side romances at the same time.

Memories Off 2nd[]

Shirakawa Hotaru, a girl who's in love with Inami Ken, finally confesses her love. They were always a happy couple, until one summer. Ken met a new friend, Tobise Tomoe, who is Hotaru's best friend. Tomoe seems to have her own charm. Ken finds himself at the crossroads to choose between Hotaru or Tomoe or lose them both.

Memories Off 3.5[]

This series is made up of two separate stories. The first story, Omoide no Kanata e, is about Shogo and his current girlfriend Neo. Kanata, Shogo's former girlfriend shows up one day and causes Shogo and Neo to think about their current situations. The second story, Inori no Todoku Koro, is about a girl called Inori and her boyfriend Isshu. They made a promise to always go to the fireworks festival together, as where their relationship started. This year, Isshu says he cannot attend because of his work so Inori goes alone and recalls the previous two years.

Memories Off #5 Togireta Film The Animation[]

Kawai Haruto belongs to a cinema club to realize his dream to make his own movie, but loses his passion after the death of his best friend and rival, Hina Yusuke. One day, he meets Sendo Mahiro who agrees to make a movie with him. Also she says that she was at the place where Yusuke died, and that he died because of her. On the other hand, Yusuke’s little sister Hina Asuka blames him for killing her brother.

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