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I noticed your post on Zeromaro's post about the star. My idea of the star, that is Virginia, was that she was this infant goddess taken by agents of Mar'riana and encased in a human form (Virginia) so that once she was fully grown she would be sacrficed to Mar'riana who needed a child of heaven and earth to bring down both heaven and earth. I know someone else wrote it as a gem that gave MAr'riana his powers, but my idea was that this was a different star.

Also in future can you please put your questions on the talk page of the project instead of an individual collaborator so that we are all on the same page (Literally)? (Anonymius (talk) 11:07, September 28, 2013 (UTC))

re:re:the starEdit

That's alright. Also I thought it was you who mentioned the star was a gem, it's just that you seemed confused over what it was. That's likely my fault, so sorry about that. I also thought it was clear that the star referred to Virginia (And it seemed that other people accepted this as well).

As for why he said three years, I was trying to introduce the concept that after buying the statute Chataway was possessed by an agent of Mar'riana who had slowly corrupted him and merged with his identity (I mentioned in a previous post that when stuck in the past before he left for England Chataway gave all the information he had to a 'past self who was in a different body at the time'.). Basically the idea that servants of Mar'riana were slowly taking over virginia's life (E.g. his new wife, a daughter that knew the truth, etc). I also mentioned in a later post that Virginia referred to Chataway as 'my father, or rather, that thing serving MAr'riana that's possessing my father'. So sorry if that wasn't clear

I can't really criticise you for introducing your own ideas as this is a collaborative project where everyone's ideas are meant to be used, as long as the result is a cohesive, coherent, non-contradictory plot-hole free story. I did like the idea for Mar'riana's origin that you gave and was happy to incorporate that with ideas I had. That he was one star already that gave him his power and that Virginia is another star is an idea I'm content with, as long as you are as well. I'll mention that on the talk page as well (Anonymius (talk) 14:29, September 28, 2013 (UTC))

Video ChatEdit

Hi Amyar,

I was wondering if you'd be interested in participating in a video we're making about this writing project- we'd love to ask you a few questions in a google hangout if so. Le me know your thoughts, Peter@fandom 21:37, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

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