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  • You really can't have Anime Reviews as a personal use page, it need to be moved to a blog or something.

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    • It isn't a personal use page. It is a list so that others can more easily access them. My blog page is reserved for the reviews themselves and putting the list there would effectively defeat the purpose anyways. But, do as you will.

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    • Basically I moved them over to a category page: Category:Anime Reviews, so when you do another one just add that category to your blog post. Having it on a category page also opens it up for others to review as well.

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    • Alright, sounds good. Thank you.

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  • For those who read my anime show reviews, found on my blog page, and want to know my method of rating them, here is my modus operandi of establishing their grades.

    I judge three different categories: animations, characters, and story, and rank them on a scale of 1 to 10. The overall rating is NOT an average of the preceding grades, but rather a finalized score based on my complete personal opinion.


    1/10 - The animations are similar in quality to a turd sandwich made in a rest stop bathroom. There is absolutely nothing redeeming in them at all, and a child with only one color of crayon could do better.

    2/10 - Almost nothing can make this show worth watching at this point. The animations are appalling to say the least, and it is beyond the point of rescue.

    3/10 - Very, very few times could something worth kudos be found, and that kudos could be easily derived from nearly anything else. The graphics alone are enough to annihilate any chance of enjoyment at all.

    4/10 - Occasionally, the animations incite a bit of worthy regard, but they are quite hard to get past to actually pull entertainment out of the show.

    5/10 - Most of the time, the animations are a detriment rather than a beneficiary to the program, but it is just barely enough to not render the show a complete bust, at least not for that sole reason.

    6/10 - The graphics leave much to be desired, but the show can live despite them.

    7/10 - The animations aren't too bad, and they are absolutely bearable, but they lack the life and vivacity that great ones contain.

    8/10 - Almost there, the graphics are actually rather enjoyable. They work with the show and do just what they need to - nothing more and nothing less. They aren't outstanding, but nor are they disappointing.

    9/10 - These animations are excellent, containing good detail and plenty of noteworthy features. They are quite lovable and serve to improve the show.

    10/10 - These graphics are what make anime an art form. The world in question is detailed enough to make it seem as living and full as can be done in a cartoon.


    1/10 - The "personalities" in the show have about as much depth of character as an empty kiddie pool, save for the fact that even a kiddie pool can be filled up, and these characters will never be anything but dry.

    2/10 - Whoever made this show put as much effort into making distinctive and memorable characters as they do their daily shit. Pretty much nothing can be taken out of them and they blend together like salt and milk.

    3/10 - I remember the main character only because they have the same generic personality as pretty much every other crappy anime. The rest are essentially just noise.

    4/10 - Some of the characters are okay, but they lack depth and reek of unoriginal ideas.

    5/10 - Some are good and some are bad, and not in the sense of morality. I could still make a better anime.

    6/10 - Decent in some places, true, but the show does a poor job of bringing out the best and most memorable qualities of the characters they've created, and they still lack imaginative personalities.

    7/10 - There isn't anything overwhelmingly bad about the people who make up the world, but in a few months, I will probably forget they ever existed, show or not.

    8/10 - Neat. The characters are pretty good and I wouldn't mind seeing more of them in the future.

    9/10 - Very good. The characters have thought-out personalities and fully realized images. I can easily tell them apart and might even remember their names (imagine that).

    10/10 - Not only am I amazed at their deep and meaningful characters and their great designs, but I am also left shocked time and time again at how they manage to grow and evolve over time, similarly to the real world.


    1/10 - The story is practically nonexistent. If it is there, even a literary master with a microscope and dictionary would have trouble seeing and making sense of it.

    2/10 - At least they tried, but they probably shouldn't have.

    3/10 - Any worth rooted out from the core of this show is as rare as diamonds on the beach. But, surprisingly, one or two noteworthy qualities might be stumbled across, beneath the piles of shit that largely envelope it.

    4/10 - This story is ridiculously horrible, and though I manage to squeeze a few laughs out, it is due to the degree of shame this show embodies, rather than any attempt it makes at humor.

    5/10 - Some of it is okay, but the story is hackneyed and was never good in the first place.

    6/10 - Possibly deserving of a watch or two, the story features relatively dry and overused concepts and it makes poor attempts at inspiring real emotion.

    7/10 - I wouldn't have to look very far to find something better, but this can do for now. The story may be trite and unoriginal, but plenty of good stuff can be found as well.

    8/10 - It is rather entertaining and easily worthy of a view during your spare time. It may not be groundbreaking, but it is not bad either.

    9/10 - It introduces plenty of new ideas to the fold and grabs my attention with ease. I would love to see more.

    10/10 - Its form of storytelling is innovative and its plot unprecedented. I haven't seen anything like it before and it even strikes real emotion in the viewer.

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  • Hi, welcome to Animanga Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the User:KingDaedalus page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

    (this is an automated message, but I am a real person)

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