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  • See Burns goat's Discussions contribs. No wiki contribs, though.

    Harassment, profanity, and off-topic posts/replies.

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  • A bunch of DC/Marvel comicbook fans have decided to hijack at least one thread in Discussions.

    You can see the large off topic stream of replies here:

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    • "hijack"

      We, that is, me and the other people, have screenshotted everything that has happened. If you need those for proof that Fandyllic has scolded us for liking what we want to like, has been rude to us and said that we were trolling even though all we said was one thing, and that he deleted several of our comments pointing out that we never actually trolled, then I'll have everyone upload everything. A while back, some people were trying to get Fandyllic banned, and I stood up for him, and eventually everyone stopped. I now see why they wanted him banned or at least not a mod anymore, and I also see that I made a mistake standing up for him. I'm sure a lot of people can vouch for the fact that he is outright rude. I want this place to be welcome to everyone, and have expressed so in the past, and this mod has been outright rude, causing people to not feel welcome. Even in that thread, unless he deletes them, you can see that he was being rude.

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    • It is fine to like what you like, but not if it is completely off topic. 99% of that thread was off topic. The OP made a poll about English language vs. Japanese language anime. Please explain how most of that thread was related to the OP's poll or even the topics of this wiki in general?

      @HostessSpidey: As you noticed, I did not view your "support" in the earlier conflict as helpful since you used a bunch of profanity and weren't constructive at all. You're lucky I didn't ask for you to be blocked (probably only for a short time, though), because there was more than enough evidence.

      I really do hope Sxerks' looks into this, because I stand by my positions and if he agrees with you, that's fine. I will view it as a fair judgement. I will accept demotion or whatever is decided.

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    • I looked at a couple times. And most of it was pointless.

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    • I'll hold off requesting blocks for now... however, if they come back, I'll request like 1 month or so blocks for a few of them.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Sxerks! Can you make a shonen jump+ footer template for wikis? Thank you!

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  • Can you make new footer template for all P.A.Works anime on I found a good local template which can be ported, located here

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  • Recently, I've seen more and more spam and other guideline violations, and with the only Discussion Mod relatively inactive on the discussion side of this wiki, I think we need a new additional mod. Now, I'm not asking for me to become a mod, considering that I haven't made many edits, and have barely any posts, not to mention that I've only been here for a few months, but I'm asking if we as a community could elect a new one in, someone who has shown they know and understand the guidelines, replies frequently and is responsible and all-around active. If you feel this is unneeded, that's fine. This is merely a suggestion, but I thank you for at least reading this.

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    • The very basic problem this discussion is people too fanboy/girling over their fav. anime's.
      That basically puts an end to a competent, enjoyable and proper conversation.
      Another problem is inexperience of many users, in - a shit ton of stuff -.
      Last but not least would be Bia.

      But sadly, it's incredibly hard to solve any of those problems manually, and I'm lazy, so, sorry, and have fun Spidey.

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    • I think Caleath12 would make a fine Discussions Moderator.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Do you have positions for content moderators?

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  • Sxerks pLease review the animanga spotlight for November 2019 onwards, User: TwistedShadowzz literally made 4 requests all fours in just 1 Day/At the same day (October 1, 2019), That's just so unfair, pLsease review November 2019, December 2019, January 2020. U really must review them! Hope he gets banned soOn

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    • I saw it when he added them, no one is getting banned, there can be more than 3 requests per month, I will choose which to use based on what is requested.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I think this user (User:Evelyngray25) may be socking as well, but Discussions is super hard to search.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • May I ask why you reverted my edit?

    You have a section for other wikis. I added another wiki.

    As far as I'm aware, I did nothing wrong.

    Edit: I'm assuming - on a closer look - it's because there was already a link in the infobox? It would have been helpful had you explained why you reverted in the editing notes, if I'm honest, but I can understand why you reverted if that was the case.

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    • 1. adding bold to the header names.

      2. yes, the main wiki is in the info box

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Knowledgeable troll, as Fandy calls me, mobage vet., former Azur Lane player, active FGO player and admin for it's Wiki, necor here.

    As preparation for the next season, in which both Azur Lane and Fate/Grand Order Babylonia are coming as animated series' and a fan of both games I wanted to ask if it's fine if I

    • Make a page for the AL Anime
    • Start re-organizing some of the Fate/- series content, which includes splitting the Fate/Stay Night page into Fate/Zero and FSN, which will then include information on the VN, UBW and Heavens Feel, and create a page for the entirety of the FGO animes (First Order, Camelot, Babylonia), ect. Generally just clean up.

    I, as a fan of the Nasu-Verse and Azur Lane Bismarck preacher, found it unfair, that the only good mobage with anime next season, that has a page up here, is Grindblue Fantasy, so I actually only wanted to ask if was fine to make the pages, the reorganization of the fate stuff was Fandy's idea, which wasnt a bad one.


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    • Make a list of pages in this thread, example:

      • "article title"
        • "content covered in that article"

      And I'll review it. It seems that we combined a lot of stuff in the past, for simplicity. So we would need a good reason to split it up again.

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    • Pages I'd reorganize/update (if needed):

      • Fate/Stay Night
        • Info to VN and Manga, reorganizing information
        • Fate Stay Night 2006 (Studio Deen)
        • Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works
        • Fate/Stay Night Heavens Feel Part I/II/III
      • Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo
        • Content of the LN, Manga and Anime reorganized/divided
      • Fate/Apocrypha
        • Content of the LN and Anime reorganized/divided
      • Fate/Extra
        • Content of the Manga's, Anime and games reorganized/divided

      May just be updating small information.

      Pages to Create:

      • Azur Lane
        • Information Regarding the Azur Lane Series and origin ect.
      • Fate/Zero
        • Info to the LN and Manga (at least that they exist)
        • Fate/Zero
      • Fate/Grand Order
        • Fate/Grand Order First Order
        • Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia
        • Fate/Grand Order: Shinsei Entaku Ryouiki Camelot - Wandering; Agateram
        • Possible Additions to this page:
          • Fate/Grand Order: Moonlight/Lostroom
          • Fate/Gudaguda Order
          • Manga de Wakaru! Fate/Grand Order

      Very Unnecessary Pages that could be but definitely don't need to be created:

      • Emiya-san Chi no Kyou no Gohan
        • Short manga series based on FSN that was made a anime series for the Fate Project Oumisoka and went on for the entire year 2018
      • Fate/Hollow Ataraxia
        • VN Continuation/addition to FSN
      • Fate/Requiem
        • LN series based on... actually just the concepts that make the Fate/ verse what it is...
      • Fire Girl
        • LN series by Meteo Hoshizora, not part of the Fate/ verse but a Type Moon Book
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    • So, it looks like all of these point to the typemoon wiki.

      Go ahead and make/update the articles.

      For the "unnecessary" pages, create them and redirect them to one of the main articles. "fire girl" should have it's own page, if it is not part of Fate.

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    • A FANDOM user
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