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  • Could you create some for the ones missing for the upcoming anime Winter 2020 season?

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  • Bloody hell Unok, how many wikis does that make you an admin/founder of now ??

    I really don't know how you do it, managing all those wikis simultaneously :O

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    • Not sure, haven't counted them, probably more than 40. But on most I'm alone, some don't have even a single edit from other users, so I take it very slow on such wikis. Especially when there is no interest from visitors either. Well some are also about dead subjects that haven't seen a new translated chapter since quite some time (well that is also why there are no visitors or editors XD).

      About the last one, well I'm Fujita's fan, so I can't really miss his new work XD

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    • More than 40 ?! Explode.gifExplode.gif

      I can relate on the wikis where it's just you by yourself (I run 1-2 like that at the moment). But still, I'm only an admin on 6 wikis now, not even close to your amount... one day, I'll have set-up a respectable amount of wikis too, but probably nowhere near the amount you've generated :O

      Fujita eh ? Never heard of him... but it's to be expected, there are a hell of a lot of manga series' out there ! Oh yes, that's a point ! Your user avatar, who is it of ??

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    • Yeah, I never intended to be that many, but I'm on Wikia since like 5 years already and they grew little by little.

      Fujita Kazuhiro, his most famous works are Ushio to Tora and Karakuri Circus.

      For the avatar, it's the character from this oneshot -

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    • A FANDOM user
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