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Metal Armor Dragonar (機甲戦記ドラグナー, Kikō Senki Doragunā) is a Japanese mecha anime series, created by Sunrise and aired from 1987 to 1988 for 48 episodes. Devised shortly after the release of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, Dragonar was intended to be both a "starter" series to direct new fans into mecha anime, and a potential successor to the Gundam franchise. But the anime failed to surpass Gundam and ended up as a single series, but managed to receive good ratings and earned a loyal fan following. It became one of the popular series to appear in the Super Robot Wars, where fans responded positively to the content with Sunrise's acknowledgment.


In the year 2087 AD, the United Lunar Empire Giganos wages war on the Earth Federation Military to take control of the planet and establish a "rebirth" of the human race. During an invasion of a colony by Giganos' forces, three civilian men stumble upon a trio of top-secret Metal Armor units called "Dragonars" and pilot them to combat the enemy forces.

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