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Metamo Kiss (メタモ☆キス, Metamo Kisu) is a shōjo manga authored by Sora Omote, and published by Kadokawa Shoten. As of October 2007, all 3 volumes are released in the US by TokyoPop.


Kohanamaru Taki is a young boy who moves to Tokyo after his grandmother died. Unaware of where he is going, he accidentally bumps into someone, after apologizing, both go on their ways. Kohanamaru later realizes that he isn't in his own body, but in the girl's that he bumped into! The girl, who also realizes this, finds Kohanamaru demanding that they switch back, unfornately he also doesn't know what's going on.

Kohanamaru later learns from his family that they are a special family that can switch places with their soul mates when they touch a certain spot. For Kohanamaru it’s his lips and his destined soul mate is a girl who likes someone else.

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