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Microman was a science fiction toyline created, manufactured and marketed by Takara Co., Ltd. from 1974 to 1984 as well as from 1998 to 2007. They are a comprised of 3.75-inch-tall (9.5 cm) action figures with accompanying vehicles, robots, playsets, and accessories. An anime adaptation was produced by Studio Pierrot in 1999 to promote the Magne Powers timeline, followed by a manga serialized by Comic BomBom magazine.


"Magne Powers" a team comprised of 5 micro-sized superheroes from the planet Micro Earth. Together with the three children they befriended; Kouhei Kuji, Yuta Kuji and Mami Mizusawa and Earth scientist, Professor K, they defend the Earth from the evil Acroiyer from world domination.


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