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Moegaku (もえがく) is a series of English language study adventure games for PC and PSP developed by Studio Sagittarius. Based on the concept that was made popular by the Moetan series of English wordbooks, it tries to spark the interest of the player for language-learning with cute, moe characters and a setting that should feel familiar to otaku.

The anime adaptation entitled Moegaku ★5 aired on January 2008, where the 5 came stands for the respective 5 languages (English, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, and French) and its 5 PM broadcast schedule. Each 15-episode was structured to include animation and live-action segments and language theme was arranged to broadcast English, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, and French-themed episodes in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, respectively.


A Tokyo school girl named Tukishima Moe obtains the ability of becoming a magical girl with the help of Lulue. Her duty is to protect Akihabara, the source of moe energy, from falling into the evil hands.

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