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Momotaro Densetsu

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Peachboy Legend (桃太郎伝説, Momotaro Densetsu), also Momoden for short, is a Japanese RPG franchise based upon Momotarō from Japanese folklore, as well as featuring other Japanese folklore characters such as Kintarō, Urashima Tarō, and Princess Kaguya. It was supervised by Akira Sakuma, with illustration by Takayuki Doi and main music production by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi of Southern All-Stars.

Started in 1987, the series was initially produced by Hudson Soft before it merged with Konami in 2012 which continued the franchise with few other games such as the Momotaro Festival (桃太郎まつり, Momotarō Matsuri) series, the Momotaro Thunderbolt (桃太郎電劇, Momotarō Dengeki) series, and Momotaro Katsugeki (桃太郎活劇).

Two anime series was produced by Knack Productions which aired on TV Tokyo. The first anime titled Peachboy Legend (桃太郎伝説 PEACHBOY LEGEND) was aired from October 2, 1989 to October 1, 1990. The other titled Peach Command (PEACH COMMAND 新桃太郎伝説) was aired from October 8, 1990 to April 1, 1991.


Peachboy Legend=Edit

Watch the armor-packed adventure as Momotaro and his friends as he embarks on a journey to defeat the oni while rescuing Princess Kaguya.

Peach Command=Edit

Taking place in outer space, Momotaro and his friends embark on a space odyssey to search for the three space regalia to destroy Daima Jinrai and his oni army.

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