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Monokuro Kinderbook (Yellowbacks イエローバックス, Ierōbakkusu) is a one-shot manga series written by Kan Takahama and published by Seirindo. The manga consists of an anthology of unrelated stories on the darker side of life. The manga is licensed for an English-language release in North America by Ponent Mon and a French-language release in France by Casterman.


An anthology of ten short stories, all done in the Nouvelle Manga style. Each story stands alone, the only things linking them all being the low-key slice-of-life settings and the fact that they all have a female protagonist including a young child facing the break-up of her family and separation from her friends; a lonely divorcee managing a bar; an elderly art dealer in the process of retiring; a mistress and her lover rehearsing their mutual suicide; an adulterous wife; a teenage girl on the day of her graduation from high school and the author herself (appearing in a couple of autobiographical pieces).

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