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Dream Dimension Gentleman (夢幻紳士, Mugen Shinshi) is a Japanese manga series written by Yosuke Takahashi. The first manga was serialized under Manga Shonen magazine from January 1981 to December 1982, with all 6 chapters compiled into 1 tankobon. A second manga chaptered Adventure Drama-hen (冒険活劇篇, Bōken katsugeki-hen) was serialized from January 1982 to January 1991 totaling up to 68 chapters under several labels. An OVA based on the second manga was released on February 1987.

A third manga chaptered Mysterious-hen (怪奇篇, Kaiki-hen) was serialized from July 1982 to April 1991. A fourth manga chaptered Dream Gaiden-hen (夢幻外伝篇, Mugen gaiden-hen) was serialized from July 1992 to May 1996. A fifth manga under three trilogy chapters titled Fantasy-hen, Encounter-hen, Labyrinth-hen ( 幻想篇 / 逢魔篇 / 迷宮篇) was serialized in the "Mystery Magazine" from 2004 to 2007.


The mystery adventures of Mamiya Mugen, a young detective of the Japanese Showa period.

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When a strange group of men attempt to kidnap Atsuko Fukune, a club dancer, she seeks the help of Mamiya Mugen, a famous detective who also happens to be a child. When it turns out that other girls have gone missing, Mamiya, along with his butler Alucard, springs into action to solve the mystery.

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