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My Heavenly Hockey Club (極楽青春ホッケー部, Gokuraku Seishun Hockey Bu) is a manga series collaborated by Morinaga Ai. It is published by Kodansha in Japan and Del Rey Manga by America. The series is complete in Japan with a total of 14 volumes. The first eight volumes were released in North America.


Hana Suzuki loves only two things in life: eating and sleeping. So when handsome classmate Izumi Oda asks Hana to join the school hockey club in return for being run over by his 'uninsured' car, persuading her with the thought that she has to pay for the damages to the car. True, the Grand Hockey Club is full of boys-and all the boys are super cute-but given a choice, Hana prefers a sizzling steak to a hot date. Then Izumi mentions field trips to fancy resorts. Now Hana can't wait for the first away game, with its promise of delicious food and luxurious linens. Of course there's also the getting up early, working hard, and playing well with others. How will Hana survive?

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