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Naoko Takeuchi

Naoko takeuchi in Vogue Japan Jan2024
Naoko Takeuchi (武内直子, Takeuchi Naoko)
Birthdate March 15, 1967
Birthplace Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan
Gender Female
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Writer

Naoko Takeuchi (武内 直子, Takeuchi Naoko; born March 15, 1967) is a Japanese manga artist who lives in Tokyo, Japan. Takeuchi's works have a wide following among anime and manga fans worldwide. Her most popular work, Sailor Moon, rose to become, as of 2012 one of the most recognized manga and anime products to date. She is married to fellow well-known mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi (known for YuYu Hakusho and Hunter × Hunter), so her real name is Naoko Togashi (冨樫 直子).


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