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NightS is an anthology manga series by Kou Yoneda. It was serialized in Magazine Be x Boy. There is a sequel under the name, Aru Yoru.



A yakuza comes to request the services of an specialized transporter that takes care of delicate and illegal merchandise. It seems this transporter is quite picky about his clients, stating that he doesn't belong to any group; you can't trust yakuza. However he gets interested in this transaction and in the mysterious man that is negotiating it. What sort of hidden encounters will bring the nights to these strangers with such intriguing personalities?

Kanjou Spectrum (感情スペクトル)[]

Walking down the hall with his friend Nakaya, Kugou notices a boy looking their way. Interested, Kugou offers to help him get closer to Nakaya, but of course the situation becomes more complicated.

Reply (リプレイ)[]

Takami Keigo is the best car salesman of the company where he works, but there is a rumor that he never smiles, even when he sells a car... which has puzzled Seki, a excellent mechanic of the same company. One night, Seki was still working at the store, but receives a call from Takami asking for his help.

Sankagetsu Go no Reply (三ヶ月後のリプレイ)[]

Night one month after[]

Aru Yoru. (或る夜)[]

Two months later… Masaki returns home to find Karashi waiting in his home, with a 30-year-old Macallan. Masaki is less interested in the wine and more interested in being spoiled by Karashi. Things are getting pretty serious.

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