Nobuyuki Anzai (安西 信行, Anzai Nobuyuki; born August 19, 1972) is a Japanese manga artist. He was an assistant of Kazuhiro Fujita. He made his debut as a manga artist after he received an honorable mention in shinjin comic Taisho for Ken 2 Strenger.


  • Rocket Princess (ロケットプリンセス, R・Princess) (1994 Shogakukan)[1]
  • Flame of Recca (烈火の炎, Rekka no Honō) (1995–2002 Shogakukan); English translation: (2003–2009 Viz Media)[1]
  • MÄR (2003–2006 Shogakukan); English translation: (2005–2007 Viz Media)[1]
  • MiXiM 11 (2008—2011 Shogakukan)[1]
  • Koutetsu Manroku -Metal★Rock- (鋼鉄漫録―メタ★ろっく―) (2014-2017 Takeshobo)

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