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OLM Studio logo.jpg
Key People Toshiaki Okuno
Headquarters Setagaya, Tokyo

OLM, Inc. (株式会社オー・エル・エム, Kabushikigaisha Ō Eru Emu), formerly Oriental Light and Magic, is a Japanese animation and film studio founded on October 3, 1990. OLM have worked on several anime series, with Pokémon as their most prominent work. As of 2017, the animation studio is composed of eight teams, currently led by Tsukasa Koitabashi, Nobuyuki Wasaki, Yasuteru Kamei, Hiroyuki Katō, Takashi Inoue, Isamu Abe, Daisuke Yoshioka, and Ryōsuke Sakurai.

In recent years, OLM has expanded its business into the field genres of TV drama and live action films, producing titles such as Shield of Straw.

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