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Ojisan and Marshmallow (おじさんとマシュマロ, Ojisan to Mashumaro) is a Japanese comedy manga series by Rekomaru Otoi, serialized online via the online community Pixiv, where it has received over 20 million views. It was later acquired by Ichijinsha and four tankōbon volumes have been published since 2014. A 12-episode anime television series adaptation by Creators in Pack aired between January 7 and March 25, 2016.


Habahiro Hige is a man in his late thirties who works at a web-related company. He loves Tabekko marshmallows, and his co-worker, Iori Wakabayashi, often teases him about it, by eating them in front of him and buying all of his favourite type from the convenience store. Though her friends do not see what Iori likes about Habahiro, she is actually aiming to be in a romantic relationship with him, and often tries to get his attention, commenting that she likes his marshmallow-like, chubby frame, with Habahiro often unaware of what she is trying to do.

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