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Pillow Boys (枕男子, Makura no Danshi), also known as Makuranodanshi, is an anime television series produced by Assez Finaud Fabric and feel. It aired in Japan on 13 July 2015 and finished on 28 September 2015.


Who’s your ideal boyfriend? You might find just the guy in Makura no Danshi. Each short episode features a different boy who will listen to you and hold you when you need it.

Episodes are shown from the viewer’s point of view, and the boys all address the viewer personally. Listen to them talk about their day, then tell them about yours. All the boys have kind hearts and will make you feel special and loved.

Each boy has a distinct background, age, and personality, sure to please any kind of viewer taste. Merry is a gentle brown-eyed boy with an open heart. Eiji Kijinami is a punk from your school who is really not as scary as people think. The shy Ryuushi Theodore Emori loves to watch the stars with you, getting lost in the night sky. There are other boys and personalities to discover.

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