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Planetary Robot Danguard Ace (惑星ロボ ダンガードA, Wakusei Robo Danguard Ace) is a Japanese mecha anime produced by Toei Animation from March 6, 1977 to March 26, 1978. The concept of the series was developed by Leiji Matsumoto who also serialized a manga running parallel to the anime in the Adventure King magazine, making it the only time Matsumoto had done a mecha series.


With the Earth's resources running out, people have put their hopes on the newly discovered tenth planet Promete. Unfortunately, a man named Doppler betrayed the first explorers and took the planet for himself and those he deems worthy, building himself an army from the planet's resources. With settlement plans set back because of the actions of a traitor going missing after an ambush, Earth's government decides to put their plans on hold while working on combat robots.

Ten years later, the missing pilot's 16-year old son Takuma Ichimonji joins Dr. Oedo's project as part of Jasdam after suffering years of peer neglect and abuse for being labeled the son of a traitor. He is helped by the mysterious Captain Dan, a former member of the Doppler corps who escaped from Chancellor Doppler's brainwashing. Together they pilot the only surviving combat robot, Danguard A.

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