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Prison School ("監獄学園 (プリズンスクール) " Purizun Sukūru) is a comedy manga series written and illustrated by Akira Hiramoto. It began serialization in Kodansha's Weekly Young Magazine on February 7, 2011, with the first tankōbon volume published on June 6, 2011 and 18 volumes published as of September 24, 2015. Yen Press has licensed official translation of the manga series in North America, and has published one volume in a two-in-one omnibus format. In August 2014, on the wrap of volume 14, an anime adaptation was announced for July 2015 with the first season airing for 12 episodes. A live-action adaptation for MBS and TBS has been announced with director Noboru Iguchi and production studio ROBOT for October 2015. The manga won an award in Kodansha's Best General Manga category at the 37th Kodansha Manga Awards publisher ceremony.

Plot[edit | edit source]

On the outskirts of Tokyo stands Hachimitsu Academy, a private all-girls boarding school for sporting elite young women that upholds traditional rules on its campus. But on April 2011 as the new school year rolls around, one tradition is going out the window: one of the strictest girls academies in Tokyo has decided to admit boys into their school system. Kiyoshi Fujino, one of the few accepted students, is thrilled by this discovery, but little does he know of the shocking fate that awaits him when only five boys enter the cohort, with a 1:200 boy-to-girl ratio on the first day of school. And to their dismay, none of the thousand girls will either talk to them or acknowledge them, because of the USC's threats about interaction with the boys. A series of perverted accidents causes the five boys to be internally imprisoned in the school's Prison Block and receive an ultimatum from the USC to either stay a month in the prison or be expelled. The story focuses on their attempts to stay inside the school and integrate despite a number of incidents and resistance from girls and the Underground Student Council.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "監獄学園 (プリズンスクール) " is often erroneously transliterated as "Kangoku Gakuen" rather than "Purizun Sukūru".

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