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Rage of Bahamut (神撃のバハムート, Shingeki no Bahamut) is a Japanese digital collectible card battle game developed by Cygames and published by DeNA. It was a social card game released on Mobage's mobile game network, in Japan in 2011 and worldwide in 2012.

The game was adapted into the following anime adaptations

  • The first series titled Rage of Bahamut: Genesis (神撃のバハムート GENESIS, Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis) was produced by MAPPA which aired from October 6 to December 29, 2014 for 12 episodes, and has been licensed for streaming in North America by Funimation.
  • On May 6, 2015, a second season was announced at the series' orchestra concert event. Titled Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul (神撃のバハムート VIRGIN SOUL, Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul), it aired from April 7 to September 29, 2017.
  • A new spin-off anime entitled Manaria Friends (マナリアフレンズ, Manaria Furenzu), was announced. It was originally scheduled to premiere in April 2016, before being postponed and rescheduled for January 20, 2019. The anime series is licensed worldwide excluding Asia by Sentai Filmworks.


Mistarcia is a magical world where humans, gods, and demons mingle together. In the past, the black-and-silver winged Bahamut had threatened to destroy the land, but humans, gods, and demons overcame their differences to fight together and sealed its power. The key to that seal was split in two, one half given to the gods and the other to demons, so that they would never be united and Bahamut never released. Now, two thousand years later, the world is in an era of peace - until the day a woman steals the gods' half of the key. The hunt begins to find the thief and maintain the seal while others conspire to find the key, so as to release the fearsome Bahamut.

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