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Read or Dream

R.O.D: Read or Die (リード・オア・ダイ, Rīdo Oa Dai) is a series of light novels authored by Hideyuki Kurata, published under Shueisha's Super Dash Bunko imprint. There are currently 11 Read or Die novels.

Along with the novels, Kurata scripted the official R.O.D manga illustrated by Shutaro Yamada, which was originally published in Ultra Jump magazine and later printed into four paperback volumes, and Read or Dream, a manga illustrated by Ran Ayanaga set in the same universe as Read or Die.

The popularity of the Read or Die novels and manga resulted in the production of the Read or Die Original Video Animation in 2001, which was directed by Koji Masunari and produced by SME Visual Works. In 2003, Aniplex produced R.O.D the TV, a 26-episode animated television series, which served as a sequel to the OVA and introduced Read or Dream's characters to those from Read or Die.

On February 25th 2012, a new manga called R.O.D Rehabilitation began in the Super Dash & Go magazine.


The series follows Yomiko Readman, also known as "The Paper", a superhuman agent of the Library's Special Operations (possessing a "double 0" certification that denotes a "license to kill", as in the James Bond series, although she rarely invokes it). In both the novels and manga, her adventures alternate between doing missions for the British Library and helping young novelist Nenene Sumiregawa.

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