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Record of Lodoss War (ロードス島戦記, Rōdosu-tō Senki) is a franchise of fantasy novels by Ryo Mizuno based on the work he originally created for a world called Forcelia as a rules-free setting for role-playing games (RPGs). There have since been multiple manga, anime and computer game adaptations, several of which have been translated into English. The plots generally follow the conventions and structure of the RPG systems including Dungeons & Dragons and Sword World RPG, in which several characters of distinct types undertake a specific quest.


The story focuses on Parn, who is the son of a dishonored knight. For initial reasons, he adventures out to the world in search of his father, and restore his family's honor. Despite his inexperience, Parn is considered the leader of his party that consists of his childhood friend, Etoh, his advisor, Slayn (and later by Slayn's lover Leylia), and his newfound mentor Ghim. Later the group are accompanied by Parn's romantic interest, the high elf Deedlit, from the Forest of No Return who seeks answers to her people's isolationism; and a thief named Woodchuck. Throughout the series, Parn comes into contact with friends and foes alike as they seek beyond the horizon.

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