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Red Blinds the Foolish (愚か者は赤を嫌う, Oroka-mono wa Aka o Kirau) is a Japanese yaoi manga written and illustrated by est em. Initially serialized in Mellow Mellow, the individual chapters were published in a single tankōbon volume by Ohzora Publishing in January 2008.


Rafita is the young, rising star of the bullfighting world known as "The Red Matador." He has never feared facing a bull since his first kill at the age of twelve. But when he falls in love with Mauro, a butcher who rends the bulls that Rafita kills, his confidence begins to waver. In the matador's dreams, Mauro (who, like a bull, is colorblind) is, alternately, the bull he faces in the ring and the butcher who carves up his own skewered corpse. Beautifully observed and drawn by est em, the author of Seduce Me After the Show, with a depth of style and passion, Red Blinds the Foolish depicts a complex relationship, and a cultural form, in a place where the sublime and the savage meet.

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