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Rose Hip Rose (ローズ ヒップ ローズ, Rozu Hippu Rozu) is a seinen manga created by Tooru Fujisawa serialized in Kodansha's Young Magazine Uppers from 2002 until the discontinuation of the magazine in October 2004. The story continues with the new name Magnum Rose Hip on the page of Shōnen Magazine. A prequel to the series, Rose Hip Zero, was published in 2005–2006. Rose Hip Rosefirst volume was released in English by Tokyopop on March 12, 2008, after Rose Hip Zero has been published.


The manga tells the story of a high school kid named Shouhei Aiba, who mysteriously bumped into a nerdy high school female named Kasumi Asakura. At first, Shouhei thinks that Kasumi was being strange for her acrobatic skills and her ability to tell different people from the crowd.

Later on, Shouhei discovers that Kasumi is actually an anti-terrorist specialist named Rose Hip. Rose Hip, lately, was ordered to engage a right-wing terrorist group led by a man whose codename is Goat. The two soon get wind of his plot to overthrow the elected Japanese government by taking hostages at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and destroy it with explosives.

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