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Saijou no Meii (最上の命医) is a manga written by Irie Kenzou and illustrated by Hashiguchi Takashi. It was serialized in Shounen Sunday and has a sequel by the name, Saijou no Meii: The King of Neet.


Saijou no Meii[]

Saijou Mikoto was born with a bad heart. It was thanks to the incredible skills of Japanese leading pediatric heart surgeon, Shindou Mamoru, that he survived into adolescence, and he's decided to show his gratitude by becoming the greatest pediatric surgeon the world has ever known.

Saijou no Meii: The King of Neet[]

Saijou no Meii The King of Neet

Dr. Mogami currently has two major problems on his mind. The first is that the young, genius surgeon from the previous series, Saijou Mikoto, has fallen terribly ill. The second is his delinquent, shut-in son, Yoshiaki. He just knows that Yoshiaki has a lot of potential, but he's failed at raising him. Yoshiaki is nothing but a lazy, arrogant, spoiled brat.

After Dr. Mogami kicks him out of the house, in hopes that it will do him good, Yoshiaki crashes with his childhood friend Date Masamune. Date is also something of a punk, but, to Yoshiaki's surprise, he's decided to try to study to become a doctor. The combined efforts of Date and his father slowly nudge him back on track. After a near-tragic occurrence, Yoshiaki even begins to think that maybe he should become a doctor, too!

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