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Saint Seiya (聖闘士星矢, Seinto Seiya), also known as Knights of the Zodiac, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masami Kurumada and serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1986 to 1991, and adapted into an anime TV series by Toei Animation from 1986 to 1989.

Both the anime and manga were very successful in Japan, Brazil and several European countries, including France, Italy, and Spain, but neither were translated into English until 2003. Four animated feature films were even shown in Japanese theaters. However, the anime was canceled and left unfinished in 1989. In 2002, Toei Animation continued the anime in the form of three OVA series' (the final one ended in 2008) in order to adapt the remaining manga story arcs, and following this revival of the franchise, a fifth film was screened in 2004.


Six years before the events at the focus of the series, one hundred Japanese orphans were sent to different parts of the globe to become legendary warriors known as "Saints", soldiers of the celestial constellation whose loyalty follow under the command of the Greek goddess Athena.

The power of the Saints originates from the understanding of the "Cosmo". The concept of the "Cosmo" advocates that each atom within a human body resembles a small solar system, and since the human body consists of billions of atoms, the totality forms a "small Cosmo" or a "small Universe". Each person's Cosmo has its own unique signature. The Saints take the knowledge of the Cosmo to the next level: since humans are composed of atoms, humans should be able to use the mysterious forces behind the atoms to achieve superhuman feats.

The story focuses on one of these orphans named Seiya. After completing his 6-year training in Greece, he becomes the Pegasus Bronze Saint to find his missing older sister in Japan. Because his sister disappeared the same day Seiya went to the Sanctuary, he makes a deal with Saori Kido, the current incarnation of Athena and granddaughter of the person who sent all the orphans to train. To participate in a tournament called the Galaxian Wars, and combat against the surviving orphans who became Bronze Saints and win the tournament prize: the Sagittarius Gold Cloth. If Seiya wins, Saori would start a search to find Seiya's sister.

During the series, Seiya becomes the partner and friend of other Bronze Saints: Shun, Shiryu, Ikki, and Hyoga. As the myth of the saints, they must fight together to protect the reincarnation of the goddess Athena from any danger.

Additional spin-offs[]

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  • Saint Seiya: Next Dimension (canon)
  • Saint Seiya Omega
  • Saint Seiya: Gigantomachy (considered canon by the original's creator)
  • Saint Seiya: Episode.G
  • Saint Seiya - Saintia Shou
  • Blue Warriors (canon)

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