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Scan2Go (Galaxy Racer Scan2Go) (ギャラクシーレーサー スキャン2ゴー, Gyarakushī Rēsā Sukyan Tu Gō) is a Japanese-Korean anime series co-produced by d-rights Inc., NewBoy, SBS Productions Inc. and Stonebridge Capital Inc., under the direction of Mitsuo Hashimoto. It aired originally in Korea for 52 episodes from August 9, 2010 to March 29, 2011.

It has been licensed by Cookie Jar Entertainment for North and South American audiences and dubbed by Ocean Productions and Blue Water Studios. The series premiered in the US on Cartoon Network from September 1, 2012, minus the last 7 episodes.


In a futuristic universe, Many species throughout the galaxies are hyped over one sport: Scan2Go, where competitors race with miniature automated toy cars powered and customized by cards for abilities such as turbo boosts. Each stage is a huge one-lap sprint track with many various obstacles. Depending on the rules, speed and tactics are the keys to victory either as teams or free-for-all.

The story focuses on a young boy named Kazuya Gordon (Kazuya Daitou, in the Japanese dub) and his posse called "Team Jet" from Earth. To promote Scan2Go on their planet, they set off on their space odyssey to become the best racers in the universe, making new friends and rivals while also dealing with a greater enemy who participates in Scan2Go for his agenda of universal destruction.


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