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Seishun Pop! (青春ポップ!) is a manga series by Touta Kitakawa. It was serialized in Young Champion Retsu.


Sakuta loves to keep his earphones in his ears at all times because he loves to hear the world through his earphones. He especially loves the band INCEST and the singer, named IVE (pronounced eve), who is like an idol to him. One day when he visits the music shop, he gets his hands on a concert ticket for INCEST. Surprised and excited about the concert, Sakuta goes to the concert and he sees the band. He also sees IVE, who he notices is the new transfer student who transferred to his school the very same day. When their eyes meet, the music stops, and IVE stops singing. She looks into the crowd and asks the audience to make room for her to pass by. She walks down the middle of the aisle, towards Sakuta, and the next thing he notices, IVE is hugging him tightly saying, "I've wanted to meet you!" WHAT!?

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