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Shikizakura is an anime television series co-produced by Chukyo TV and animation studio Sublimation. The series is directed by Shin'ya Sugai and produced by Tomoyasu Nishimura, with character designs by K&K Design. The series of 12 30-minute episodes is scheduled to finish production in 2020. The series premiered on October 9, 2021 in Japan.


Shikizakura, where cherry blossoms are in full bloom along with autumn leaves

A ceremony was going to be held in a special place where this world and the other world intersect to save the world of humans ...

High school student "Miwa Kakeru"

He gets caught up in a fight between Oni, who appears from another world and eats people, and a powered suit.

Oni who possesses a person and tries to be revealed in this world.

Only the powered suit "Yoroi", which combines ancient esoteric techniques and the latest technology, can protect people from Oni.

Sho wears a powered suit for a while and becomes an irregular member of the team fighting Oni.

Sho decides to become a hero and fights Oni while guarding the fate shrine maiden "Myojin Ouka" to save the world.

Shikizakura season.

In the autumn leaves and the blizzard, Aika dances as a shrine maiden

The heroic action (Heroic action), where the past and the future, this world and the other world, thoughts and wishes intersect, opens here!

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