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Shinobi Life (シノビライフ, Shinobi Raifu) is a shōjo romance manga series written and illustrated by Shoko Konami. It has been serialized in Princess from October 6, 2006 through April 2012. The individual chapters were collected and published in thirteen tankōbon volumes by Akita Shoten. The manga is licensed in English by Tokyopop.


Have you ever wanted your own personal Ninja? That is not a question that our heroine Beni Fujiwara has ever pondered, but she is about to find out what it is like! Many, many years ago, a ninja named Kagetora devoted his life to protecting Princess Beni ("Beni-Hime"). Unfortunately, they are attacked, and Kagetora is flung into a lake, where he sinks to the bottom.

Beni is a modern high school girl, but her life is not quite normal. The story begins with her being threatened at knife-point. Not only that, but she is standing on the edge of the roof of a skyscraper. A struggle ensues, but things go from bad to worse when a mysterious boy appears out of thin air and lands on Beni, knocking her off the edge!

You guessed it—it's Kagetora. There was a time portal in the middle of that lake, and he has slipped forward in time to modern Japan. I suppose that if you are knocked off the edge of a skyscraper, it's good to have a ninja around, because, Kagetora is able to use some of his super ninja skills to save Beni from becoming a pavement pancake. When Kagetora lays eyes on Beni, he is convinced she is his "Beni-Hime-Sama" and swears to be her protector.

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