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Shinzo, known as Mushrambo (マシュランボー, Mashuranbō) in Japan, is an anime based on an event where creatures known as Enterrans take over Earth and rename it in their own image: Enterra. Now three Enterrans have to protect the last human in order to restore the human race. The anime focus mainly in their adventures to accomplish this task. It was produced by Toei Animation and ran in 2000 for 32 episodes on TV Asahi.


An undetermined time ago, the Guardian of the Milky Way, Lanancuras a corrupt Celestial Guardian, started to harbor a desire for power, and eventually invaded the worlds he was assigned to protect. Being bound to the galaxy, he was able to absorb parts of a planet and add it to his strength. In his footsteps was a following from many planets, creatures that had pledged allegiance and were now named Kadrians. By the time the other Celestial Guardians confronted him, he was too strong to be defeated. The Celestial Guardians all gave up a part of their power and combined it into a single Guardian, Mushra, whose core was used to create a card to seal Lanancuras. The prison was made from parts of the planets that had suffered under his power and with the help of the card, the meteorite was able to restrain him, as planets are beings on their own and hold a significant amount of power as well.

The meteorite was sent off into the galaxy to be sealed forever. Meanwhile, the way Lanancuras had increased his strength had consequences on the planets of the Milky Way. On Earth, it was in the shape of a virus that merged with human DNA and destroyed the human that way. In order to eliminate the virus, scientists worked on combining human DNA with the DNA of animals and other creatures immune to the effects. They succeeded and created a sentient race known as Enterrans, Engineered Earthlings. Eventually, a cure was found, and the human race survived. This all took place around the 22nd century.

The Kadrians meanwhile worked on getting their master free, and they found the perfect place. The Guardians noticed too late that the meteorite was being redirected and heading towards Earth. The Guardians held a vow that they would not interfere with the way the planets reacted as this was up to the inhabitants and nature, so he was out of their influence. At impact, the seal holding Lanancuras in ripped due to the impact, leaving only the planetary pieces to hold the Kadrian king in.

At impact, Lanancuras sent out three special gems that he had corrupted from the meteorite and placed them into the strongest Enterran he could find: Mushrambo. However, he also felt the Guardians influence and how they secured the energy they had given to Mushra, away from the meteorite. Lanancuras guessed that they would at some time grant this power to someone to counter him, and it could not be an Enterran since in a way, the Enterrans were a product of him becoming evil, and easily to be influenced because they were card-based creatures. It had to be a human. He chose six more generals to lead the Enterrans into a war against the humans, making them believe humans enslaved them.

Mushrambo led the war, and was like all the others completely oblivious to the reason he felt such a hatred. All they knew was that they wanted the humans destroyed, and only Rusephine and Mushrambo knew that the meteorite had something to do with the whole thing.

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