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Show By Rock!! (ショウ・バイ・ロック!!, Shō Bai Rokku!!) also known as Show By Rock!! Gonna be a Music Millionaire! is a rhythm video game developed and published by Geechs, in conjunction with Sanrio. It is Sanrio's first ever franchise project aimed for older audience, as opposed to the younger audience. The game was released on July 30, 2013 for iOS and on June 27, 2014 for Android devices. An anime adaptation by Bones aired in Japan between April and June 2015 on Tokyo MX as the first late night anime based on a Sanrio character or franchise. A second season premiered on October 2, 2016.


The great music adventure begins after Cyan decides to play her favorite rhythm game and suddenly gets sucked in, finding herself in a world called Midi City where music reigns supreme. She learns that anyone who delivers amazing and powerful music also has the ability to control the city. However, not all music is pure, as an evil plan is set in motion to engulf the whole Midi City in darkness. Is it too late for Cyan to do something?

Cyan Hijirikawa always regards herself as nothing but an ordinary girl living in a mediocre world. She has great talent and extreme guitar skills, but lacks the confidence to take the first step in realizing her dream to play in a band and be a music millionaire! Little did she know that an eminent power resides deep within herself—the power to defeat evil with her magical music!

Join Cyan, Chuchu, Retoree and Moa in a world where music is everything.

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