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Silver Wolf, Blood, Bone (銀狼ブラッドボーン, Ginrou Blood Bone) is a manga written by Konda Tatsukazu and illustrated by Yukiyama Shimeji. It has been serialized in Ura Sunday since 2015.


It's been years since the vampires were wiped out, but it looks like another kind of monster is troubling the city. In the latest serial murder case, corpses are found with blood and meat, but all the bones missing. To investigate the monstrous murders, the police sends for the famous retired vampire hunter, 70-year-old Hans Vapitto. He feels a strong connection to the city, and agrees to return to the field to protect it once again. This time, he's teamed up with the youngest employee of the police department, and he also has a young half-vampire woman on his side.

Will Hans be able to protect his city from this new threat?

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