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Speed Racer, also known as Mach GoGoGo (マッハGoGoGo, Mahha GōGōGō), is a Japanese media franchise about automobile racing. Mach GoGoGo was originally serialized in print in Shueisha's 1966 Shōnen Book. It was released in tankōbon book form by Sun Wide Comics, and later re-released in Japan by Fusosha. Adapted into anime by Tatsunoko Productions, its 52 episodes aired on Fuji TV from April 1967 to March 1968. The anime was later re-broadcast on Tokyo MX from July 1 to September 25, 2008.

A 26 episode spin-off titled Mach Girl was produced.


A teenage race car driver named Speed goes on adventures with his girlfriend, his candy-crazed brother whose best friend is a monkey, and his mysterious brother Racer X (Real Name: Rex). His father, Pops, created the car he races in, the Mach 5.

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