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Spirit of Wonder (スピリットオブワンダー, Supiritto Obu Wandā) is a manga series authored by Kenji Tsuruta, originally serialized from 1986 in Kodansha's Morning seinen manga magazine, and later in Afternoon, until 1996. It was later adapted into a one-episode OVA in 1992, entitled Chaina-san no Yūutsu (チャイナさんの憂鬱, lit. "Melancholy of Chaina-san") (released in North America as Spirit of Wonder: Miss China's Ring), animated by Ajia-do Animation Works and released by Toshiba-EMI. It was later followed in 2001 by a new OVA series was produced and released by Bandai Visual.


China is a lovely young woman, the kind of beauty people write songs about or name stars after. She's as spectacular as 4th July fireworks and as striking as lightning, and Jim Floyd—the technical assistant to the crazed Professor Breckenridge—just got struck! In fact, he'd give China the moon if he could. Odd thing is, he can. So that's just what he intends to do.

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