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High School Star Musical (高校星歌劇, Kōkō Boshi Kageki, or Star-Myu (スタミュ. Sutamyu) for short), is a Japanese original anime television series produced by C-Station and NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan. The anime series premiered in Japan on October 5, 2015 for 2 anime seasons, following 2 OVAs, a stage musical adaptation, 2 manga adaptations, 2 radio programs, multiple musical song CDs and drama CDs, as well as a variety of related merchandise and collaboration.

A third season has been announced to premiere in 2019, followed by a sequel stage musical in July 2018 and a new OVA project announced in October 2018.


Five students, Yuta Hoshitani, Toru Nayuki, Kaito Tsukigami, Kakeru Tengenji, and Shu Kuga struggle to enter the Musical Department of Ayanagi Academy, an elite school for aspiring musical performers. They want to be accepted to the Star Frame Class, which is directly taught by the members of the Kao Council, the most talented students from the Musical Department who stand at the top within the academy. Luckily, they are spotted by Itsuki Otori, one of Kao Council members who puts them on his Star Team.

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