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Tasogare Otome x Amnesia (黄昏乙女×アムネジア, lit., "Dusk Maiden × Amnesia"), also known as Dusk maiden of Amnesia is an ongoing manga series by Maybe, published on Square Enix's Monthly Gangan Joker magazine.

It tells the story of a boy who encounters the spirit of a girl who died in a mysterious incident and is left roaming her school without any memories of her life and death.

Plot and Setting

Seikyou Academy is a school which has been established for sixty years, and it has undergone multiple renovations over the course of its history. Because of this, the school was turned into a labyrinth of stairs, hallways and unused classrooms, which eventually become an inspiration to the students to create ghost stories.

Teiichi Niiya, a first year middle school student of Seikyou Academy, becomes lost after roaming the school's vast complex of buildings. To his surprise, he meets Yuuko, who introduces herself to be the "Ghost of the Old Building", one of the seven most famous ghost stories of the school (also known as the "Seven Wonders of Seikyou Academy").

After listening to Yuuko's story of becoming a ghost and losing all of her memories, Teiichi vows to help her discover her life and death. He eventually gathers a group of students to help solve the Seven Wonders of Seikyou Academy, which turns out to be interconnected to Yuuko herself.


  • Teiichi Niiya (新谷 貞一, Niiya Tei'ichi) - A middle-school freshman of Seikyou Academy. He discovers Yuuko after getting lost in the school's oldest building and is the current leader of the club that handles solving the mysteries of the school. Voiced by Junko Minagawa in the Drama CD.
  • Yuuko Kanoe (庚 夕子, Kanoe Yuuko) - More popularly called as the "Ghost of the Old Building", she is the ghost that roams around Seikyou Academy. Details of her life and death was lost after losing her memories after dying and she now assists Teiichi in solving the mystery of her death. She is voiced by Yumi Hara in the Drama CD.
  • Momoe Okonogi (小此木 ももえ, Okonogi Momoe) - A second-year middle school student and a member of the school's newspaper club. After becoming involved in one of the Seven Wonders of Seikyou Academy, she tags along in Teiichi's Paranormal Investigation Club. Voiced by Mariya Ise in the Drama CD.
  • Kirie Kanoe (庚 霧江, Kanoe Kirie) - The granddaughter of Yuuko's sister and one of the very few people who could see Yuuko. She is initially cautious of Yuuko due to her mistrust in those who are not living, but this changed when she showed her more vulnerable side to Teiichi. Voiced by Manami Numakura in the Drama CD.


Manga Series

Tasogare Otome × Amnesia was initially released as a pilot manga entitled Otomegokoro to Yuu no Sora (乙女心と夕の空, lit. "A Maiden's Heart and the Evening Sky") on the June 2008 issue of Square Enix's Gangan Powered.

The Tasogare Otome × Amnesia series was later released on the December 2008 issue of Square Enix's Monthly Gangan Joker. As of September 2011, the manga series has released five tankoubon volumes and twenty-six chapters.

List of Volumes

Drama CD

A Drama CD based on the first few chapters of the Tasogare Otome × Amnesia manga series was released on July 22, 2010 under Frontier Works. The voice cast included Junko Minagawa (Ryoma Echizen of The Prince of Tennis), Yumi Hara (Takane Shijou of The iDOLM@STER), Mariya Ise (Urara Kasugano/Cure Lemonade of Yes! PreCure 5) and Manami Numakura (Hibiki Ganaha of The iDOLM@STER).

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