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  • Search on was broken with implementation of changes for EU GDPR (new privacy regulations), but seems to work now (Sep 2018).
  • 1 = search string or id #
  • 2 = Optional search string or link label name
    • name = Optional alternate
  • 3 = Optional suffix after link, but before atlink= stuff
    • suffix = Optional alternate
  • type = defaults to anime
    • Useful values...
      • For search (use manga for light novels): anime, characters, manga, and people
      • With correct id #:
        • ...same as search except character if specific character link
        • ...for anime studios, use anime/producer if specific studio link
  • episode = episode # (only useful with |type=anime)
  • atlink= after link, show " at" (no value needed)
  • {{MAL_link|Nagato|type=characters}}Icon-myanimelist-22x22.png Nagato
    • For searches type needs to be 'characters' (with s)
  • {{MAL_link||Nagato|type=characters}}Icon-myanimelist-22x22.png Nagato
  • {{MAL_link|249|Nagato, Yuki|type=character}}Icon-myanimelist-22x22.png Nagato, Yuki
  • {{MAL_link|249|Nagato, Yuki|type=characters}}Icon-myanimelist-22x22.png Nagato, Yuki
    • This will 404, because type needs to be 'character' (no s) when specify an id #
  • {{MAL_link|249|Nagato, Yuki|type=character|atlink=}}Icon-myanimelist-22x22.png Nagato, Yuki at
  • {{MAL_link|16918|Silver Spoon}}Icon-myanimelist-22x22.png Silver Spoon
  • {{MAL_link|16918|Silver Spoon|episode=all}}Icon-myanimelist-22x22.png Silver Spoon episodes
  • {{MAL_link|16918|Silver Spoon|episode=1}}Icon-myanimelist-22x22.png Silver Spoon episode 1
  • {{MAL_link|16918|Silver Spoon|episode=1|suffix="Welcome to Ezonoo"}}Icon-myanimelist-22x22.png Silver Spoon episode 1 "Welcome to Ezonoo"
  • {{MAL_link|25096|Gin no Saji|episode=1|type=manga}}Icon-myanimelist-22x22.png Gin no Saji episode 1
    • Will just go to manga page and ignore episode part
  • {{MAL_link|Silver Spoon|type=manga}}Icon-myanimelist-22x22.png Silver Spoon
  • {{MAL_link|Gin no Saji|type=manga}}Icon-myanimelist-22x22.png Gin no Saji
  • {{MAL_link||Gin no Saji|type=manga}}Icon-myanimelist-22x22.png Gin no Saji
  • {{MAL_link|25096|Gin no Saji|type=manga}}Icon-myanimelist-22x22.png Gin no Saji
  • {{MAL_link|25096|Gin no Saji|type=anime}}Icon-myanimelist-22x22.png Gin no Saji
    • This will 404, because there is no anime with this id #
  • {{MAL_link|16918|Gin no Saji|type=manga}}Icon-myanimelist-22x22.png Gin no Saji
    • This will give Inu Shoujo (id # overrides name) and not Silver Spoon
  • {{MAL_link|16918|Silver Spoon|type=anime}}Icon-myanimelist-22x22.png Silver Spoon
    • Will go to Gin no Saji anime (based on id #, which is okay, but link will display Silver Spoon
  • {{MAL_link|Miyazaki|type=people}}Icon-myanimelist-22x22.png Miyazaki
  • {{MAL_link||Miyazaki|type=people}}Icon-myanimelist-22x22.png Miyazaki
  • {{MAL_link|56|A-1 Pictures|type=anime/producer}}Icon-myanimelist-22x22.png A-1 Pictures
    • There is no search capability for anime producers (companies).
  • {{MAL_link|229|Shounen Sunday|type=manga/magazine}}Icon-myanimelist-22x22.png Shounen Sunday
    • There is no search capability for manga magazines (publishers).


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