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The Genie Family (ハクション大魔王, Hakushon Daimaō) is an anime series by Tatsunoko Production. The series was later dubbed in English by Saban Entertainment in 1992 under the name Bob in a Bottle After the series made a comeback into the 21st century, Tatsunoko produced two animated spinoff series with Akubi and Hakushon in reversed central roles. Yobarete, Tobidete! Akubi-chan aired on 2001–2002, while Akubi Girl in 2006.


The Genie Family[]

An old bottle has found its way into the household of a modern family. When the son name Kan finds it, he discovers that a sneeze summons the two genies within the bottle, Hakushon, and his daughter, Akubi. Respectively, Hakushon and Akubi can grant the wish of whoever sneezed or yawned. But getting wishes granted by either genie may not be a good thing, for Hakushon messes them up due to his own extreme clumsiness, while the more capable Akubi likes to cause mischief by twisting their words and meanings so that something bad happens.

Yobarete Tobedete! Akubi-chan[]

Akubi befriends a shy young girl named Koron Nemuta, who habitually yawns whenever she is embarrassed, thus summoning Akubi from the bottle.

Akubi Girl[]

Akubi befriends a first-grader named Ruru-chan and attempts to grant her wish of becoming close friends with Itoshi-kun, the boy on whom she has a secret crush.

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