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The Legend of Condor Hero (神鵰俠侶 コンドルヒーロー, Shin Chō Kyō Ryō: Kondoru Hīro) is a Japanese/Chinese anime adaptation of The Return of the Condor Heroes, a wuxia novel by Louis Cha.


The Legend of Condor Hero is set in the 13th century at the time of the Mongol invasion of China. Nearly a decade after the end of The Legend of the Condor Heroes, the Mongols have now conquered the Jin Dynasty and are now setting their sights towards the Southern Song Dynasty. The citizens of Southern Song, many of them great martial artists of the Central Plains, band together to defend their country from the onset of the Mongol horde. The story culminates in the historic Battle of Xiangyang, which was a critical battle that led to the fall of China to the Mongols.

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