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Love Song of a Certain Pilot (とある飛空士への恋歌, Toaru Hikūshi e no Koiuta) is a Japanese light novel series by Koroku Inumura. It is set in the same fictional universe as Inumura's earlier light novel Toaru Hikūshi e no Tsuioku (The Princess and the Pilot). Five volumes were published between 2009–2011 by Shogakukan under their Gagaga Bunko label. An anime television series by TMS Entertainment has been announced, and is set to air in January 2014.[1]


The story of love and aerial combat follows a former prince who lost everything to a revolution, and a girl who became the symbol for the revolution. The orphaned prince, now renamed Karueru, embarks on a one-way journey to discover the ends of the heavens. Aboard the levitating island of Isura, he meets a girl named Claire.

This is a tale of a prince who lost everything leaves for a journey with no guarantee of returning to his hometown safely. With hatred and revenge in his mind, he met several people that taught him about friendship...and love.

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