• mention and explain why you like anime manga it ^_^

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    • I love anime:

      1.Naruto Shippuden

      2.One Piece



      5.Dragon Ball (All Series)

      I Love Manga :


      2.One Piece


      4.Naruto Gaiden

      5.Dragon Ball

      + and i like all anime manga Shonen Jump

      but I think anime and manga of all time fell to One Piece in terms of story, setting, characters, sales, etc.

      1.One Piece


      3.Dragon Ball

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    • I love anime and manga. I'm more into Romance/Comedy anime than anything. Any kind of Rom/Com in fact.

      My top 5 fave. animes are

      1. Fruits basket 2. Ouran HSHC 3. Shugo Chara 4. Special A 5. Black Butler/FMA I love anime because its just not like any other boring lame cartoon, tis different!! I also have an obsession with BL XD Yoroshiku!!!XD

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    • Top 3 Animes

      1. Fairy Tail The exciting adventures and secrets that are being revealed are all so interesting.

      2. Hataraku Maou-Sama Same reason goes for this anime too.

      3. Kuroshi Tsuji Same reason goes for this too.

      Top 3 Manga

      The exact same order, and the same reason goes for this.

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    • I love Anime and Manga. It is life. I have many favorite Animes and Mangas.

      Anime Serien-Fan Janine Bartl Germany

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    • Anime is life! Favs: Manga & Anime: 1. Fairy Tail (This is my all time favorite, and that will never change) 2. Naruto 3. One Piece 4. Bleach 5. Owari No Seraph/ Seraph of the End Just Anime: 1. Ouran Highschool Host Club 2. Vampire Knight 3. Seven Deadly Sins Just Manga: 1. Black Butler

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