• Since I've seen you active elsewhere but can't be bothered to help here. Could you again, go through the Candidates for Deletion? Or, give someone else the ability to do so?

    This is my fifth time bringing up the lack of administration to you and I would like for this one to not be ignored.


    I should not have to contact you for every little thing; you're the bureaucrat and the only admin here. Your wall is filled with ignored messages, times I had to contact you regarding issues and messages from others that other individuals responded to. That's not okay. This wikia has over 3,500 articles and no sysops?

    Inactivity and condescending behavior is seen from you elsewhere as well; I'd rather not have to bring those up. As I'm busy with working here, I'd like to keep this short and quick. These are my ideas:

    You remain as bureaucrat. No one is trying to take that position away from you.
    Munchvtec - Sysop
    Besty17 - Sysop
    Whiteknight810210 - Moderator -- If they'd like the position. - They would.

    If you don't want to address this issue this time, I will make a thread asking for the community to address it. I don't want to have to do that though, I would like for us to be able to work together.

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    • I've full support.

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    • I am also in full support of Munchvtec's proposal for administrative rights. I am a casual contributor, and I regularly use and reference the wiki, and I have noticed the lack of an active bureaucrat/admin. It is concerning that basic administrative tasks are not being tended to here. This is such an important wiki for the anime/manga community on Wikia that it deserves a bureaucrat who is attentive and proactive.

      Munchvtec is a dedicated member of the wiki, their edits are good, and they are attentive to the community needs. I would like to see them be given the administrative privileges that would allow them to more fully support and develop the wiki.

      I understand what it's like to become too busy to lead a project you've cared for. One of the best feelings is seeing a project continue to grow and thrive with the help of others when I can no longer do so. It's a fundamental aspect of any wiki community that improvement and growth is a collaborative effort, and it's a normal course of action when the current bureaucrats are no longer proactive and readily available to appoint new ones. Thankfully, there are established editors here who are proactive and have shown leadership, such as Munchvtec addressing the issues of the community's needs with you.

      Thank you, Sxerks, for all you've done to help the community come this far. And now, in order for the Animanga wiki to continue to improve and grow, it needs an attentive and proactive bureaucrat/administrative team. Please help the community continue to improve and grow by appointing such a team.

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    • Not having an active admin is pretty bad, but be prepared to demote, if new admins don't work out. Also this wiki is a nice central info place for anime and manga.

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    • Speaking of vandalism; the Porn Hub article has been up for five hours now, nice.

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    • If it's me you have an issue with, there's no need to promote me to a higher position. The others, however, have done their fair share of work and deserve the ability to deal with such things.

      It's late, I'm off to bed. Please give this some thought, Sxerks. Be the person your rights tags say you are.

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    • I understand the concern about Sxerks activity. We all have lives outside of wikia and that's where inactivity can come from.

      Activity on the wiki is the best its been in a while. The majority of us here would make good Admins/Content Moderators. Spam on the wiki isn't that common. Even with 3-4 user editing regularly, we are still a small wiki. However, I don't believe we don't need another admin at this time.

      I respect Sxerks for giving us the user rights we have, and will respect Sxerks' choice on this matter.

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    • Spam on the wikia is actually very common, Besty. Just yesterday, an article named "Porn Hub" was up for about 7 hours before being deleted. Not okay and I'm tired of reporting things to vstf. I implore you to go through the deletion logs and his message wall. The only thing Sxerks does without having to be asked is the spotlights. I would expect my children not to have to be asked to do their part around the house. So, I expect the same out of the figure we're supposed to look up to.

      Inactivity is fine, but when a bereaucrat becomes inactive and can no longer do his job, he needs to promote others who can. This wikia is neglected and if he continues to neglect it, he can be demoted by FANDOM Staff.

      With your rights, you can rollback vandalism. That's of no use when people are creating actual articles. With my rights, I can moderate threads on a dead wikia where no one uses them. I can count our user base on one hand and we have 3,500+ articles. We might as well not even have rights at all if they aren't helping us.

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    • This reminded me of a thread from quite a while back when a user asked Dan for admin rights, take a quick read.

      User rights are not rewards they are a responsibility. Just want to make sure everyone reading this understands that.

      Let's go over what a sysop's responsibilities are and how they relate to this wiki:

      • Protection (see log): as you can see this is hardly an issue.
      • Banning (see log): on average a handful a month, easily taken care of.
      • Deletion (see log): Recently just duplicate/unused images, again not insurmountable for one person.

      Now, items like the spam page you mentioned, I would prefer that those are blanked, marked for deletion, and the VSTF contacted. These are typically cross-wiki spammers and should be reported so that it cleans other wikis and any blacklisting/ip banning can be updated site-wide.

      As noted, the forum and chat aren't really used much, so adding more mods then we already have would be pointless at this time. I'm not really sure why they aren't used more considering this is a hub, if the activity picks up, I will add more moderators.

      As another note, when I see the need for or someone asks for user rights, I do what amounts to a background check on their edits and interactions on other wikis (not just the ones they list, but any I can find), and this is a heavy influence on my decisions.

      Munchvtec, I gave my answer the first time, the continual pestering isn't really helping. I can't see giving you the ability to sysop rights and the ability to delete, when have incorrectly marked items for deletion.

      The last extra sysops we had here was about 2-3 years ago, and there really hasn't been a huge difference in issues. At this time I can offer that right to Besty17, assuming he accepts the responsibility.

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    • I said if there is a personal issue, others can be promoted.

      Anyway, I'm fully aware rights are not a reward. They are a responsibility and you do not take care of all of those responsibilities that come with being a bureaucrat. This is nothing new with you and again, I do not want to bring up the other wikias where you've caused a shortage of users. The Durarara wikia is trying to get help right now because of your inactivity and you're refusing them.

      VSTF should always be a last resort, you need to be around for things like that and if you cannot be around, let others who can be around handle these things. It's not our job to report people to take care of users that are vandalizing other wikias. What matters here is the Animanga wikia.

      More mods would not be added. If you were to do as I asked, there would only be one mod.

      You can do whatever background checks you like. If you've looked into my background, I'm an established member of several communities. Nothing you find will tell you I'm a bad editor. What is influencing you to say no? My attitude towards your inactivity and how you don't help your community?

      You only ever answered the first time I asked, which was years ago. You gave me Mod rights which you yourself say aren't all that useful.

      If you need to be pestered about things that the wikia needs, that's your fault.

      When have I incorrectly marked things for deletion? If I have, that's reason enough to say no? Incorrectly marking something for deletion means everything else I've done means nothing? Marking an article or image for deletion gives others reason to discuss it as well before you, the bureaucrat, deletes it. Also, if you're talking about the Gundam Build Fighters image. I marked it for deletion and me and another user discussed it. It was to be kept.

      There are barely any issues here because I deal with them. Where were you when Staff contacted you recently? Or when users need help? More users go to my wall for assistance these days.

      If Besty wants the right, that's fine and I'd be happy to have someone here that can be around more than you can.

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    • Hey, I've read over everyone's comments. Sxerks, I would be honoured to accept responsibility you are offering.

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    • That's fine. Thanks for accepting, Besty. ^_^

      Now Sxerks, don't think appointing Besty17 means you can run off and continue to neglect the wikia. I know how often you get on, try to be more active here. That's your responsibility. If you aren't, you'll just continue to be pestered.

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    • Now that Besty17 got promoted, the pressure will be off, at least in proportion to how much time Besty17 is around... ;-)

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    • Congrats Besty17.

      I still think you should promote Munchvtec to Content Mod because Besty17 is a very dependable but he is not as active as Munchvtec.

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    • A FANDOM user
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