• Don't remove any red links from the Weekly Shonen Jump List article; I'm going through and creating those articles.

    Edit: Another thing, we should try to follow this with all series'. Seems all the former staff and Sxerks are fond of it and I'd rather not split everything up. I'm going to take things like Shaman King: Flowers and Boruto and combine them with their mother series'.

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    • Okay that's fine. I was planning on leaving those links anyway.

      I prefer the idea of spin offs that way we aren't cramping a lot of information into the article. I think we should see what everyone else thinks about it before deciding what to do

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    • It was already decided upon it seems.

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    • Do you have a link for when it was decided?

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    • Here you are.

      Feel free to open up a new thread regarding it but I still feel that combining them is fine. If you take a look a Naruto and what I did there, it doesn't look bad. There are also plenty of articles all across wikia that are much larger. These are relatively small in comparison. Size shouldn't be an issue as long as we still keep the information given to a minimum.

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