• Recently, I've seen more and more spam and other guideline violations, and with the only Discussion Mod relatively inactive on the discussion side of this wiki, I think we need a new additional mod. Now, I'm not asking for me to become a mod, considering that I haven't made many edits, and have barely any posts, not to mention that I've only been here for a few months, but I'm asking if we as a community could elect a new one in, someone who has shown they know and understand the guidelines, replies frequently and is responsible and all-around active. If you feel this is unneeded, that's fine. This is merely a suggestion, but I thank you for at least reading this.

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    • I think Fandy's just inactive out of spite and using the opportunity of discarding one thing to waste time on.

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    • @Necor Yeah, I noticed he went inactive about at the time those guys were petitioning to ban him.

      @Sxerks Just checking in. Do you have any updates on this? Fandyllic's been gone for quite a long time now. I really think the community should elect a new one. In addition to my earlier statements, I'd like to add that I'd be perfectly happy doing this job if need be. I'm pretty active here, and have a little bit of experience with this kind of thing, so... yeah. An answer soon would be nice, although I know you have a life beyond this, so I will be as patient as needed. Thanks again!

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    • Well, I only see 3 reported posts, and there were more previously, so I imagine it's still being patrolled.

      I really don't what to just randomly add more mods unless it is necessary.

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    • Well, I suppose that I see how that makes sense. Although I do have to say that having an active mod at all times is probably a good idea. But yeah, I won't try to convince you more.

      But anyways, this wiki's discussions are mostly just "reccomend me anime" or "I need some manga to read" and I want to increase the engagement of the community! So I've been trying to figure out how to make this place a bit more engaged in conversation. This happened a little bit more when the mod posted news to disscus, but when he left we as a community sorta stopped talking about stuff other than anime reccomendations. I want this place to be like the other big wikis, where there's a ton of discussion all the time. I know it's not my job, but I sorta want to makes this place a bit more lively. If there are any ways you think I could help in doing this, I'd love to hear them.

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    • The very basic problem this discussion is people too fanboy/girling over their fav. anime's.
      That basically puts an end to a competent, enjoyable and proper conversation.
      Another problem is inexperience of many users, in - a shit ton of stuff -.
      Last but not least would be Bia.

      But sadly, it's incredibly hard to solve any of those problems manually, and I'm lazy, so, sorry, and have fun Spidey.

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    • I think Caleath12 would make a fine Discussions Moderator.

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    • A FANDOM user
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