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Time Bokan (タイムボカン) is a Japanese anime franchise produced by Tatsunoko Productions. Its first series aired on Fuji TV from October 4, 1975 to December 25, 1976 throughout Japan every Saturday at 6:30pm, with a total of 61 episodes. The most notable spin-off of the series to be well-known is Yatterman.


Dr. Kieda, a somewhat wacky but intelligent scientist, has finally succeeded in inventing insect-shaped all-terrain time machines called "Time Bokan". To prove its efficiency and safety, he decides to serve as the very first guinea-pig for its maiden voyage. However, by the time the machine returned, he isn't anywhere inside. The only thing that returned with it is a talking parrot, along with a large gemstone called the Dynamond, which is seemingly the most powerful and valuable jewel in the world.

Now it is up to a search party, founded by Dr. Kieda's lab assistant Tanpei, to travel though time to find Dr. Kieda; but it seems that someone power hungry is looking for the "Dynamond".


Legend says that a mysterious gem called the "Skull Stone" can reveal the location of the world's largest vein of gold. Many follow the legend to obtain fame, power and wealth, including the villain trio called the "Dorombo Gang." However, their hunt for the Skull Stone is not as easy as they imagined, mainly due to the faulty information they receive from their leader, and most of all, by a justical duo of pursuers called the "Yatterman"!


A scientist named Dr Monja built a time machine called the "Time Tunnel" in order to let a team of youngsters investigate the timeline about the legendary "Elixir of Life". A treasure to grant the user eternal youth and immortality, it becomes a race against time as the youngsters called the "Zenderman" chase and clash with the Akudama Trio. Who will get it first?


The Time Patrollers are the keepers and protectors of the annals of history. But its trio of dropouts, Atasha, Sekobitchi and Duwarusuki, have burning ambitions of their own. Led by a nefarious leader, they try to tamper the course of history to achieve their desires. Only Hikaru and Nana, disguised as the Otasukemen, stand between the villains and their goals.


Wataru and Koyomi are assistants in a private detective agency. Suddenly, a girl claiming to be their descendant 1000 years from the future, appears before them. Her name is Karen, a princess of the Kingdom of Nandalah and the rightful successor to her later father's throne. She appears before her present ancestors with a request; to help her catch the legendary time-jumping Firebird to claim her right for the throne. Together, Wataru, Koyomi become the Yattodetaman to search for the firebird, while clashing with Mirenjo-hime and her goons who also plan to take over the throne.

Gyakuten! Ippatsuman[]

In the 1990s-era of Osteandel City, a multi-billionaire lease industry called Time Lease has been the number one in the business world since they started their "time-space" delivery service. On the other side, the number 2 lease company called Skull Lease where the notorious villain trio work as top executives, have been long adversaries with Time Lease to compete for the top spot. Their aim; to disgrace Time Lease and become the leading enterprise while aiming for world domination. Only the Ippatsuman can stop them and to fight for justice.

Kaitou Kiramekiman[]

In the near future, the Phantom Thieves Kirakiman run amok the streets of Ougon City, delivering notices of their thefts beforehand and outwitting the police. Their identities are Lip, a police commissioner's daughter and Puff , a boy from 500 years in the future. They came back through time to search for an item called the "Gold Eye", with the details unknown. Together, Lip and Puff heist throughout the city for the Golden Eye with the Flower Detective Trio in the way.


In the year 20XX, Oshaka School is a prestige school where only those who are pure and clearheaded descendants of Priest Sanzo's clan may be admitted. One day, three intelligent children are called in by the principal and asked by Shakyamuni dwelling in his body to find missing puzzle copperplates scattered all over the world and complete the puzzle board to heighten honor of Oshaka School. The conversation, however, is overheard by the dropout villain trio and they decide to forestall those selected youngsters to obtain the puzzle pieces first. They brought along a brilliant boy named Koochan, but the boy turns against them as Koochan transforms himself into Itadakiman and fights bravely to drive the wicked trio away.

Time Bokan 24[]

Tokio is a junior high student living in the present time, but becomes recruited to be a member of the 24th century's Space-Time Administration Bureau. Together with his partner Calen, their mission is to uncover the "True History", the part of history that the textbooks doesn't tell. But in their way is the Akudama Trio that intends to prevent the True History from being revealed for their own personal gains.

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